Biologics / Biosimilars for DS and Fill/Finish

Contract Development & Manufacturing of Biologics / Biosimilars for DS and Fill/Finish

With selected CDMOs to be our partners, PHC offers services on a strictly confidential basis but full transparency between all parties.

Our extensive experience in project management along with optimal support from our scientific and technical team will increase success of your projects.

Our Bio CDMO partner’s capabilities:

  • Mammalian and Microbiology (E. coli or Yeast) Production Line
  • Cell Line Development (CHO, SP2/0)
  • Cell Bank Establishment (MCB, WCB)
  • USP: Amber, Wave, Bioreactor Fermentation and Scale-up
  • DSP: Column Purification: R-protein A, Low pH, Ion EX
  • Similarity Testing (including full characterization of the reference product)
  • Protein Characterization
  • Comprehensive Glycosylation Analysis

Our Bio CDMO partner’s GMP status and locations:

  • Taiwan
  • Compliance with JP PMDA and PIC/s GMP requirements